The History Of The Church

Putting The Pieces Together

We have now covered a great deal of church history.  From the time of Jesus to the Reformation and beyond it is obvious that there has been a dramatic shift brought about by a series of events that molded the church we know today.  It has to be noted that what I have shared on this site is knowledge that the church would prefer you have never gained.  In the knowledge of this website, the hold that the present church has is at risk.  If you know there is more than they are willing to share then their hold on you begins to fade.  However, that is worthless if in gaining this knowledge it does not draw you to a deeper reality of God's plan and the efforts to hide the reality of that plan.

I have had many call this a harsh indictment because what is being taught is being professed with good intention.  As the old saying goes, "The way to hell is paved with good intentions."  No matter how sincere the intent if it leads you into separation from God then what was their intent really worth.  I mean it is far easier to accept something that makes yo feel good or makes sense to your carnal mind; but then your carnal mind is part of the issue. As the Gnostics pointed out we are being with the ability to walk a spiritual walk while in the physical. The Cathars believed that the physical was inherently sinful and wicked, which is firmly funded in Scripture. Yet this belief was called a dualism and heretical.  Why?  

The answer is very simple, because in the act of declaring that the physical has any value to God, it keeps you from looking at the lie of it all.  Countless lives over centuries have been taken in an effort to hide the truth.  The truth is that God loves you but requires of you adherence to all that he has commanded through Jesus.  No amount of believing will ever bring you to oneness with God if you are not doing what is required to achieve that oneness.

The truth is that in the message of Jesus you find the path to God's kingdom and no where else.  Where Paul is profound, Jesus said his church would be built on his principles.  To go outside of those principles creates a false doctrine.  No matter how popular a doctrine if it is false it will keep you from the fullness of God.  In keeping you from the fullness of God it will cut you off from the ability to avail yourself of God's love or any other aspect of God that is there for those who will follow Jesus.  It is this truth that is the reason behind the yearning of those seeking God, to find more than they have been given by the church.  It is this truth that has caused so many to give up on the church because they knew there was something wrong. 

You might say this is all well and good but it doesn't have any effect of you because your church has no tie to Catholic doctrine.  Does your church profess the Apostles Creed?  That creed is also known as the Nicean Creed.  Go back and look at what you are professing your loyalty to.  Does your church profess that Sunday is the only true day of worship?  Look at the origins of that belief. Does your church spend more time on Paul's writing or the words of Jesus?  Look hard at what you are professing as right and look at it in the light of the words and actions of Jesus. Look and look hard at what you have been taught and come out from the lie and into the fullness of the light that can only be found in the words and actions of Jesus. 

I have written this very long website for one reason and that is to lay the facts before you.  The facts in this site are not contestable by anyone because they are directly from the words of Jesus and those who walked with Jesus, and they are from known history.  How in that light is it possible to deny the truth?  

It is my greatest prayer that in these writings that you have found truth and driven to dig deeper on your own.  Remember many will seek but few will find the way; I pray you find that path. 


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